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How to accuratly get player height without using the Guardian? Help neded.

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my name is Rico and im a new Unity VR dev, i use the Oculus Quest 2.
I use the following packages  XR interaction Toolkit and the XR Plugin manager and the Oculus XR plugin, for my player i use the XR rig. 
I've never worked with VR so this is all every new to me, the project im working on currently needs to have player height callibration without the Guardian active. 

(Fast explentation of my project: what im trying to do is make an 3D world map exactly to a real world room anf walk around in it and do "stuff" but mainly just walk around and look. but the height is an important piece of this puzzle because it needs to have an IRL feel because you walk in real life in an exact mapped room.)
the issue is that when the guardian is on the height is ofcourse more accurate but he guardian can only go to a 10x10~ and the room i use is 15x22~ (this can not change) so my question is: Is there anyway to make an automatic height calibartor ? or anyway to make a floor tracking but without the gurardian. or is there anyway i can add and subtract height from the player? i know the Y pos from the camera you use does this but it doesnt wanna change values because its updating every frame. 

if something i said cant happen but it can or if anyone has a fix to my issue please let me know!

much love and thanks from me!