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How to play GoPro Fusion 360 video on Oculus Quest

Level 2

I have an Oculus Quest and a GoPro Fusion.  How can I render my 360 videos so they play on the Quest?


Level 3
you can transfer the videos onto it via USB cable from a PC following these directions:

from there you view them either using the native video viewer or Skybox VR (free player on the store).

Level 4
You can also just do it through youtube if you like.

Level 2
I'am new on Oculus Quest and also on GoPro Fusion. So I also hope this will be easy to do. But what I have hear the rendering  from GoPro take long time - so the best is only make small videos in GoPro fusion. I think I will use DLNR and the Skybox VR it looks like a nice way to see pictures and videos from an external source. I already use this to see pictures from my Android Phone here i have the app DLNR Server installed. Nice is also this will not take space in my Oculus Quest.

Knud ;O)