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How to stop Quest from shutting the screen off after removing it from face?

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Let me explain in detail what my problem is:
Me and my business partner bought 6 Oculus Quest because we built a VR Truck for realstate events, fairs, birthdays and etc here in Brazil. We also bought a 42" tv, new chromecast and a 5.0ghz router to cast what people are playing and everything works perfectly, the only problem i am having is the fact that the quest shuts off the screen and cuts the transmission off when i remove it from peoples faces and i want it to keep transmiting.
Some people are not tech savy and i want to start the trasmission before putting the quest on them so i can see what they are seeing and direct them to click the right buttons, but if i do that, the moment i remove it from my face the screen shuts off and the transmission is cut. So i have to blindly direct them to click "sharing", then "casting", them ask them to click "chromecast" in the list and then "confim". Only then i can see what they see. Elderly people or kids are having trouble to do that since is their first time with vr.
I want it to not shut the screen off when i remode it from my face or, at least, to keep transmiting. The only option i see in the settings that i can change is to detect my face when i put it on, but there is no option to stop it from shutting the screen off when i remove it.
Is there a way around to help me? Or will this be in a future update? I dont see this as somethig too complex to be done.

Sorry for my english and cheers from Brazil!

Renato Martinelli

The easiest method is to put a little piece of tape (not transparent) or something over the sensor (in the centre above your eyes). Once that's on there, the sensor will think someone is always wearing the headset. Peel it off when you want to shut the Quest off.
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Thanks, man! Going to try that today

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In being stuck after a factory reset on the Waiting-For-A-Connection-With-Oculus-App screen due to my having problems with connecting them currently, this situation therefore offers NO settings for keeping the headset from sleeping.  Yet, I would like to leave the screen turned on for it to continue trying to connect while I'm away from it for some time.  So I've tried both black electrical tape and thick black Styrofoam over the proximity sensor, with both of these admittedly keeping the screen turned on for a couple of minutes, which is much longer than when nothing is in front of the sensor whatsoever (including my face of course).  Yet, it STILL eventually switches off the screen, which works differently than when actually wearing the headset in which case it seems to NEVER shut off.  So I wonder why this is?  Could the proximity sensor be a of a better type that detects more than simply blocked light in the Quest 2?  And has anyone succeeded in tricking this sensor indefinitely with some type of substance, short of cutting off our finger and placing it there?  (LOL)  I believe that it perhaps could be either a capacitive type or infrared type of proximity sensor based on how it seems to ALSO react to my finger getting about to the level of the tops of the lenses without yet covering the sensor.  So I suppose that actual living flesh is the ONLY thing that could keep the screens turned on indefinitely then?