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I merged old Oculus account and FB but still not giving all features

Level 2
Hello, I am hoping for some advice (and apologies if this has been asked).  When I purchased my Oculus last night, I signed in with my Oculus account from like 2 years ago.  I then realized the functionality was limited so I merged the account with my Facebook account.  However, it's still limited.  For example, I can invite people to a party but if they try to invite me, it doesn't work and says that I need to link my account.  Same thing when I try to play a game with a friend.  Has anybody run into this issue and have any advice?  

Level 6
As I tell most people I help, opening a support ticket usually does the trick at the end of the day. So I'd advise you do exactly that. They know their headsets better then anybody, so doesn't hurt to try 🙂