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I would kill for a split-level Guardian!

Level 4
I love the Guardian features. I can stomp around our playspace with confidence. One thing I'd love to have is a split-level Guardian system. I have no idea how they'd implement it but I'd love it. 

Many of us have sofas and things around our play spaces (I assume most of us aren't lucky buggers with a Holodeck empty room!). While my current Guardian (rightly) runs around the floor at the edge of the sofa, realistically my arms could have another few feet, because the obstructions end at knee level.

What do you think about a split-level Guardian system? It would take a little more setup obviously (which is why it should be optional rather than enforced) but I think it would help 

Level 13 there were talks, and some of it is in the source code.  Just a matter of research and time to fully develop.

Level 8
I think eventually we will get to the point where we can fully map the real world and recreate it in virtual. Then you could make a guardian that would protect you from things like furniture. 

There was a guy who made an app called Custom Home Mapper where you could map out multiple rooms and move between them in the game, so it is certainly possible. It is really cool, because you can have a giant play space and something like a couch was represented in the game as a physical object, so you know to not run into it.

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Level 4
  • Really excited now to try out this couch option when the update lands in the PB office