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Illegally denied warranty on occulus strap since 21/08/21

Honored Guest

Since 21'st of august Occulus support has refused to honour my warranty for the following reasons.


1. Claiming they required the invoices (provided now)

2. Claiming they required the serial number of my Quest 2 , which wasn't being warrantied. (provided on invoice , but you twice told me you needed it in seperate emails after being told it was on the invoice)
3. Claiming they didn't have the serial number (on the provided invoices sent)
4. Claiming they cant ship to the original PO BOX the item was shipped to when we have no mail service and so my only legal mailing address is a PO BOX , It is not an actual box but it was impossible for them to comprehend this. (So, refusing to ship to the address on the invoice)
5. Claiming they cant honour warranty because "employee X is away and will handle this when they are back from holidays"

6. Claiming "we are delayed and your ticket is at the back of the queue" 4 days after my last email providing a home address which is infact an invalid mailing address at their request. (No more excuses to delay so just flatly saying "we are doing nothing now")

The last email didn't even have any official details on it. Occulus has of their own accord now illegally denied me warranty service on 6 seperate occasions under consumer law in Australia. Each punishable by an individual fine.

I have made a formal ACCC complaint. However It has now been 4 days since your last fake excuse of not being able to ship to the address the item originally shiped to was addressed by me providing my home address and I only get this update below

No reference, No name. You are going to be fined, what you are doing is illegal.

Your staff are deliberately trolling customers and refusing to honor warranties. You need to fire at least one of these clowns immediately.



>Thanks for reaching out to Oculus Support.

>We sincerely apologize that we have not yet had time to review your case.

>At this time, we have a larger volume of tickets than usual. Your ticket will be handled in the order it was received.

>Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Enjoy the ACCC fines.