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Is it possible to cast the side by side image from the Quest to a tv?

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I have a 3D TV that can convert side by side images to a 3D image (using active 3D glasses). Is there a way to get the Quest/Quest 2 cast a side by side image? Perhaps using Sidequest? An image like this:







It would be nice and an app I'd be glad to pay for but I don't think so at present. I think it would have to compensate for the barrel roll effect. Also Oculus 3D captures does something to the aspect ratio that diminishes the 3D effect and not a fair representation of what it looks like in VR.


Here are some 3D game captures I made from the past. 

Half-Life 2 #0018.jpgvampire #0006.jpgCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare #0010.jpg 

Edit for more oldies but goodies, Roller coaster tycoon and a Far cry 1&2 in 3D. No offence but there is no depth or Z space activity in your capture in 3D, in my opinion a result of the software not being able to capture  proper 3D without some kind of encoding.  Compare also these on your TV in 3D if you're able to see what I mean. 

RCT3plus26_75.jpgRCT3plus31_75.jpgFarCry #0032.jpgFarCry 2 #0030.jpg

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