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Issue with controller on quest 2 not working

Level 2

I had a problem with my oculus quest 2 controller for about a year it wouldn’t connect to my headset i tried every thing I could to possibly fix it when that didn’t work I went to oculus support and they told me instructions I already did and when there solutions didn’t work they told me to send them a ticket and I gave up . Now a year later I decided to see if I could fix it the light would turn on but it wouldn’t vibrate when I press the buttons to connect it to the app so I looked at the battery contacts and noticed a bit of battery acid on the contacts it didn’t look like enough to effect it at all but I tried it anyway. SOLUTION : all you need to do is grab some white vinegar and a cotton swap put a little bit of vinegar on the tip of cotton swap and clean the contacts then let it dry should work if it doesn’t just buy a new controller your stuffed