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Issue with my new Quest 2

Level 2
Hi everyone. 
I bought last week a quest 2, I received it today.
The thing is, I can't power on the headset.
The first thing I thought is: Maybe has low battery, so I put it to charge. Now, 4 hours later, still going with red light and can't power it on.
Does someone know if my issue is only fixable replacing the unit? Or there is any workaround?
Other workarounds I tried:

- Power button for 30 seconds
- Power and vol down button for a few seconds (15 at least)

Level 7
Probably faulty. I heard people getting Factory resets to work well holding down the power button and volume for a minute or something. I don't think that would help but God knows. Most likely you just need a replacement.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey, we're very sorry to hear this. If possible, please try charging the Quest 2 with another available charger cable and adapter to see if the issue persists. Depending on the results, click here to submit a ticket so that we can continue assisting you. Thanks!