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It becomes light heat in an instant and the charging port is deformed

Level 2

I have Oculus 2


I charged after using the function to turn off the guardian in developer mode


In about 1 minute, I noticed that it became burnt and the charging port was deformed.


It could have been a fire if I wasn't nearby


I haven't introduced an external apk file, forcibly added features, or anything special.

I also used the official charger


After that, I turned off the power of the Oculus main unit and tried charging it again with another charger, but the situation is the same


Further deformed


Contact support. Be careful if you try developer mode!


Level 2

I used a first generation Quest charging cable on my quest 2 and it over heated and deformed my charging port and cause the casing to fall into the device so I can't charge it anymore. I sent it in the have it inspected and replaced but I'm curious to hear back from them. I was hoping to be the only one with a problem like this just because I wouldn't want to hear that someone got injured from device starting a fire



My guess is that a badly damaged battery may have caused this.  This may have been caused by banging the headset on a hard surface and/or over discharging the battery multiple times and then putting it on charge without fully powering down.


li-ion batteries start to create a lot of heat when discharged below 20%.  If you routinely do this it will ultimately damage the battery and reduce its capacity and life.


In any case, I’m glad no physical harm to your person occurred.

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