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It won't sell over here

Honored Guest

I've been trying to get a hold of support for this and can't manage to get any form of actual help so i thought i'd ask here.


I have been putting aside some money to purchase a quest 2 for Christmas. As a form of thank you gift. However i have been having a troubling difficulty finding a reason or a way to ship it to the country i live in.
I find it rather poor form that they have countries such as Spain, France and UK yet miss Portugal. It is genuinely saddening to see them ignore a good section of the market.

If anyone could help where oculus has failed it'd be greatly appreciated.
PS: Sorry for my poor English using google to translate makes it very hard.


Honored Guest

If you live in Portugal you can order Quest 2 without additional fees from (or other EU-based online stores).


Just klick on the Spanish flag at the top of their page and switch to Português and let it be delivered to your home in just a couple of days. Your purchase is protected by the same EU consumer rights that you have when you buy in your home country.