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Jitter / stutter / black edges with Oculus Link after 5 - 10 minutes of gameplay

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I just upgraded my PC setup this weekend and a big reason for this upgrade is VR. Now I've tested playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Project Cars 2 today, and for both of the games, it starts out great, but after some time, I can see problems with head tracking. It is a big bummer as I can't play with this happening and I feel like I've done the upgrade in vain (it didn't used to happen with my old rig).

I kinda narrowed it down to head tracking issues because I only see black edges, jittery images when I move my head. Otherwise the framerate is steady at 72 FPS as I also ran the diagnostics HUD. No problems with GPU/CPU/RAM either, all within reasonable range of usage and I don't think they are throttling. I cannot tell what is wrong from the diagnostics because it doesn't even show any dropped frame or change in latency before and after this happens. I've tried two different USB 3/2 cables and different ports on the front / back of the PC. No dice. The problem stops once I exit the games and return to Oculus home, and when I restart the game, it was fine for a while then the stuttering comes back.

Anyone with similar experience that can help?

Oculus Quest 1, v23
CPU: Intel 10400
GPU: ZOTAC Twin Edge 3060 Ti OC
16gb RAM
MSI B460i motherboard
Used the USB 2 charging cable and a third party USB3 cable.