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Left Oculus Touch problem

Honored Guest

I have a problem with my left oculus touch. (The vr headset is 6 months old and never received a shock)

The left controller no longer detects when I put my fingers on the X, Y key, joystick or the index trigger. (Without pressing them. For example, in the discovery application we are supposed to see our fingers on the key)
Even more surprising issue and not related to the detection of position of the fingers, it is now impossible for me to close (virtually) the fist. Indeed, the 2 triggers work well separately, I can close the index finger or the other fingers but when I push the 2 at the same time, the index finger remains in the unfolded position!
However when I take an object asking me to activate the index trigger (like a pistol or the remote control of the discovery application) ... It works!

I tried to disconnect / reconnect the controller. I also changed the batteries and finally reset the Quest completely. I reinstalled the discovered application and unfortunately found that these problems had still not disappeared ...

I call for help, I begin to despair, I have the impression that it is rather a software problem since the keys work separately.
I am in version 12.

I made a video to visualize the problem. Note that I am trying to get the same right hand, left hand movements. You will find that only the right hand reacts.
- In the first phase we can see that my fingers are positioned on the X, Y and Joystick buttons only when I activate them. I can't put my fingers on the keys like with my right hand.
- In the second, we can see that I cannot close my fist as with my right hand. However, strangely enough, the game considers that the movement has been made and goes to the next step! I have the impression that these are only visual problems.

Thank you, I really hope you can help me ...