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Left controller drift

Level 2

My left controller is drifting and it is making it difficult to use the oculus quest 2. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, robot6oy!


Having controller drift can definitely inhibit you from playing with your Quest 2 to it's fullest capability. As fellow gamers, we understand how frustrating it is to not be able to move in the direction you want in your game. Don't worry, we're here to help!


Kindly follow the steps below for the troubleshooting of the Quest 2 Controller: 

  • Remove batteries for a couple of minutes and re-insert them
  • Try new/different batteries
  • Please try re-pairing your controllers from the mobile app. For instructions, please click here.
  • Please try cleaning the joysticks to make sure they are free from debris.
  • Be sure to check the LED light indicators on your Touch controllers. If they never turn on, then your controllers are not getting power at all. Please try different batteries known to work instead.
  • If your controller lights are showing activity but they are still not being detected with the Quest, then please try performing a factory reset on your Quest using the steps found here.


We hope this helps!

Level 2

i tried this and it still moves on its own

Hey robot6oy, we understand you are still having troubles with your controller drifting despite our troubleshooting tips. We want to get you back to easy gaming as quickly as possible. To dig deeper and figure out what is causing this, please submit a support ticket here, and we would be glad to help you further.


Talk with you soon!