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Library getting wiped

Level 2

So when I woke up today and put on my headset, I found out that my library was wiped from the headset. Like completely wiped, I checked the storage and the files on the headset and it had full storage. I was connected to the app and everything and this is not the first time this happened. It literally makes my headset unusable because I can't open the store, the browser or anything and I am forced to do a factory reset just to be able to use my headset. This is the second time I had to do this and it's aggravating to say the least that I have to re-download all my games and apps for no apparent reason and having to do a factory reset just to use my headset. I really hope oculus fixes this problem or I'll be leaving the platform if it happens a third time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @LostTriilogy we completely understand your frustrations with your library being completely wiped from your headset. You should not have to factory reset your device just to use it. Although we cannot undo what has already been done, we can provide some troubleshooting that has worked for others just in case:

  • Reboot your headset
  • Sign out of the mobile app and then back in
  • Make sure your headset and phone are paired

Seeing as how this is not the first time this happened, we would really appreciate you reporting this on your headset so our team can work on correcting this. 🙏