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Link Lag, unresponsive buttons, random crashes

Level 2

Loving the Quest 2 as a standalone but been very disappointed by the Link performance so far. It's worse than my CV1.  I have an i7-6700k and a 3070 and graphic intensive games like Alyx all run buttery smooth on my PC screen but stutter like crazy inside the headset when using Link. I've read a lot of people with the exact same issue saying in situations like this setting the priority of the OVRServer process in task manager to something higher improved things... But this has to be done every time you wanna play. Is this something Oculus is likely to fix in the near future? They literally abandoned the Rift line and PC-specific headsets... So I'd hope so...


Another issue I'm having is the Oculus button on the right controller becomes entirely useless when using Link. At first when loading into Oculus home, and then later in any game I open, regardless of it being in Oculus or through Steam. It vibrates... But nothing happens.


Then there's the occasional random crash... But I won't even bother with those...