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Link cable alternative

What is the best link cable alternative that I can buy?
I want it to be at least 4m and not too much expensive cause I want to buy the real link cable when it comes 

the problem with any cable longer than roughly 3m is that the data signal isn't strong enough to reliably transfer that far without a repeater/signal booster. The official link cable combats this using fiber optic with converters at each end to transcode the signal before and after transmission. If you want that length, you will need either a long active single cable, or a shorter (let's say 6ft) USB C to USB A cable, and a USB A active extension cable. the active cable is going to be more costly due to the need for additional components. There are several 8ft-10ft options available for a good price, that I recommend using until the official cable is released, which will provide you 5 meters length. If you need a recommendation for a cheap cable, I suggest the 8ft echogear USB 3.1 cable ($5.99) or the Joto 10ft USB 3.0 cable ($18.99?) from Amazon. I have both and they work fine. I don't recommend using a 10ft cable with an active extension though. hope this helps.

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