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Can anyone help? We bought an Oculus Quest 2 back in June and it was having an issue so we sent it in to get a replacement. All the directions said was to return your product in the original box which I did. They quickly responded and said a replacement was on its way. When we received it they had only sent the headset and NO controllers. I have been back and forth with support asking to get this resolved and I can't get any answers. It has been 2 months and NOTHING! I am so frustrated at this point. I feel helpless and feel cheated. All I want is the controllers sent to us and they just keep telling me it is under investigation and someone will be in touch with you. and No one ever is. HELP!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is not what we like to hear. Please open another support ticket here and kindly include the previous ticket numbers so that we can get on top of this for you. 


Looking forward to figuring this out for you!