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Majority of population not compatible w Q2


Interesting that oculus considers me not compatible. Can’t cloud save, can’t connect new iPhone can’t keep games on headset after updates. 
try to chat with support to get assistance but I get basic trouble shooting and then told I am not compatible. Why am I not compatible … well it’s because I am the majority of the population. What’s that? A user with;

-64g Q2

-Mac home computer

-Apple iPhone 

oculus only made an OS for Apple phone so can’t save any files on my computer, updated iPhone now it does not sync. Only way to re sync it is to factory reset headset. Jesus ….. way to nail the majority of the users. Only saving grace would of been cloud save but nah that never happens. Yes it’s connected to power, yes wifi yes in standby at night, yes I made sure it was selected. I mean why did Apple phone sync to headset come out first …and not updates for android….  Just shocked with my experiences with this “tech” company. Because my tech not working and u keep taking my files and destroy my games. I can’t use your product as advertised and you robbed me of my headsets worth and took value away so fast by selling twice the size for same price. I mean I’m trying to use your product … but like they told me. I am not compatible , I am the majority of population/demographic this was marketed to….. every day this product sucks.