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Marvel Games


Does anyone know if there are any Marvel Comics based games coming to the Quest 2 Platform?


I know there was one a few years back that was discontinued, I missed the chance to try that one. I would hope there is something in the works seeing how big and popular the MCU has been getting recently.


So if anybody has heard or seen anything, that would be great!


Thank you



I believe the only thing active on the Market is the Iron Man VR game for PlayStation VR. Sadly, we will likely be waiting for some time before getting a Marvel VR game in the Oculus or SteamVR stores.



If you are looking to fly around battling enemies in VR, in Super Hero fashion, I would recommend, Megaton Rainfall.


It isn't quite on the same scale as a AAA title like Lone Echo, Asgard's Wrath, Alyx, etc., but it should certainly help scratch that Superhero itch.


That game looks epic! I have a Quest 2, I dont think theres a version for that yet, sadly. But Ill keep my eyes open. Thank you Zen!!!