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My Guardian app is crashing during startup.

Honored Guest

Hi all,


Since today my guardian app is not working anymore. When I boot up my quest 2 I need to define my play area, but when confirmed the camera's turn on and need to define it again. I have rebooted several times but keeps on happening. I noticed there was an update yesterday???


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thanks for reaching out! We understand your guardian app is crashing during setup. The Guardian is an essential part in making sure you and those around you stay safe during your time in the metaverse. Let's get your guardian functioning as it should!


We have some questions we'd like to ask to get a better idea on how this issue is affecting you:


  • Are you running any experimental settings? These settings can affect the headset in various ways. Please try turning these off if you have any enabled.
  • Texture is also a factor with tracking. If there is not enough contrast between objects in the room, this could lead to tracking issues.
  • Have you attempted a factory reset? This will restore your Quest 2 settings to their factory defaults. (If you are unsure how to perform a factory reset, please click here for instructions.)

Once we receive the above, we'll be able to better assist you. Thanks! 🙂



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