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My impressions


I have been using the Quest 2, and there are some things I really feel disappointed with. 


1.  I am coming from a Rift and Gear VR.. And to be honest, this unit feels like a step down from both.

2. I have noticed that the headband is not as well designed as on either of those units.

3. I have noticed that my quest does not have a Micro-SD card like my cell phone, even though, they both use an Android core.  And you have to install extra software JUST to get it to see external drives.  Seriously poor execution.  Imagine if Windows couldn't access external drives without jumping through hoops. 

4. I miss the fly wheel from my Gear VR.  Its the best adjuster on ALL of the Rift units, for the optical lenses, and the current system is a serious misstep compared to that unit.  In truth, If I had my way, there would be 4 total fly wheels.  A Main adjuster for focal distance for both eyes, and a fine tune for each individual eye.  And another two to individually adjust the Right and Left position of the lenses lenses.  My cheap $10 Tzumi VR headset had all of these forms of adjustment.  Considering your unit is 50x that price.  I would just expect you to make it smoother than they way they do it by setting them all to fly wheels.  Instead, you have a single clunky set it to where we want you to set it to Left and Right sliding eye piece.  Horrible design!

5.  I have noticed that clicking in certain apps has a softness or delay that I have not noticed on the Rift or Gear VR.  At first I thought it was Skybox, but after some experimentation, its happened in a few other apps, too.  Instead of being able to quickly click from thing to thing to I've always been able to do..there is often an soft 2 or 3 second delay before I can click again. 


6.  Your controllers suck. Period.  They don't feel natural to me.  They don't lay down nicely.  Their pointer is erratic. 


7.  I filled the storage on this unit in like 5 minutes without breaking a sweat.  These things seriously need like 4 Terabytes of storage.  Anything less than that is insulting at this point.  I use this thing more for videos than anything else.  And I have enough content to fill 20 of these things in like no time.  256 Gybtes? Seriously? Sigh.  In this day and age, thats just sad. 


I get that you are trying to hit a certain price point for these things, but honestly, when the first Vive came out, it qas $800.  At this point, I think you should view that as a great price for a good product, and find a way to redesign this thing...not merely to be worth $800, but to feel like its worth$800...start by including the better headband.  The one you include isn't worth the material its made of..



I moved away from my Cell and Gear VR because the screen on my Galaxy S9+ cracked horribly, and some **bleep** has decided to not allow for Gear VR support on my s20Ultra..  In the end, the cost made it make more sense to get the Quest..but BOY do I miss my Gear VR. 


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GearVR does feel like a great loss. Having a gigantic phone market - and processors much faster than Quest 1 - I too don't find much sense in dropping that market. But I guess Quest 2 is the new modern GearVR - with phone gpu and now with controllers. 

If you care about real VR, there're many other options better suited for your needs, not sure I understand why you bought a Quest 2 when it's obviously not what you want. 

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Price is king and the estamatied 2-3 million sold units in that short of a timespan is unrivaled.


Want a better headstrap? Get the elitestrap and the controller fall in the same category. Get a pair of mamut grips etc and that is sorted aswell.

Personally i dont see the need for more then 256gb with the size of games right now and all movies i watch i stream from my NAS. Its not like a want to manually transfer files to it when i have them ready waiting whenever i want them and if i need i can trow some on when going away for a week or two. A sdcard slot would be nice, but far from a dealbreaker, atleast me.



I do miss changing ips seamlessly from the q1 but the q2 is "adequate" 


I do use NAS for most of my files, but I also need to put a certain amount of content on my headset because I demo a lot of the content I make with my VR cameras, and also, other movies and various pieces of content that I edit a little to be better in 180 viewing.  I know this probably sounds like hyperbole, but I'm not kidding when I say, "A small sample of my videos easily eats this drive space".  Once I get a better headband, I might see about attaching an SSD, but for now, the headset isn't stable enough for that..


I have to wonder about some of the choices for the Quest 2 though.  The gear vr and rift both had better built in headset bands.  In fact, it JUST occurred to me as i am typing this, I'm tempted to grab one of those and put it on here.


Using handbreak to re-encode the movies in h.265 should make storage far less of an issue then battery time and the elite headstrap fixes both the issues. Sure it costs money but for less then $600 you got a mobile and comfortable demo unit. 100Gb of h.265 video is well over 4 hours of viewing. As said befor, i see your points, and you could also try a 250gb usb-c stick along with  Android System Settings Launcher from sidequest to sidestep ever using the internal storage and get the expandabilaty you want.

I get your complaints but you are not using request for what it is intended to be used as. I mean in the sense of target audience. 

it’s really targeting the people who I’ve never put on a headset before my life. It’s not a pro device... that’s what PCVR is for. That’s why it is so cheap. That’s why they have sold so many. 

you are buying a $50 point and shoot camera. And asking why it is not performing like your Nikkon DSLR pro camera that was $900. 

your points are valid. But not for a $300 headset. If it was a $1200 headset...the yes. For sure. Should have all that you want. But most just wanna play super Mario “so to speak” and not get all fancy. 



Well, to be more accurate, I had what I thought was the $150 version of the unit (GearVR), and that I was upgrading to the $400 version.  **bleep**! I wanted to play Skyrim VR at some point! ; P

Since I've been bleeped twice now, I just want to point out, that any "curse words" I may have used were the mildest, barely even a curse words..  Like words that people use all the time now, and haven't really been a curse for like 80 or 90 years at least..

I get the thinking... but you need PCVR to play Skyrim. Which the oculus can do if you connect it to a $1500 PC. 

so you bought the $400 mobile version of an oculus rift plus a PC combined (average of $2000) 


pretty close estimate so you got a mobile version of a wired setup for like 25% of what the full setup would cost. 

or if you compare it to more expensive VR headsets with a good computer. Like HTC vive. Then you’re looking at 3000 - 6000 bucks. 

I get that, I was joking about the Skyrim VR.  I was being semi-sarcastic.  You also have to realize, that my hunt for the perfect VR headset is a loooooong quest for the holy grail.  I've had The MyVue, Omami: Uranus, The Tzumi VR, The Vive, The Rift, Gear VR, and now Quest 2.   And to be honest, none of these systems really work the way I'd hope.  I get what you are saying about price.  And I know that they have to release new items on the market at some point or other.  But I am a bit of a stickler for what really makes a cool device.  And honestly, I feel like ALL of the manufacturers have missed the mark on several levels.  There are some cool features that I wish I could mix and match among the units I've had to make a super unit..but even if I did that..IT would still not really be my fully realized idea of what VR is..and I'm not even talking ultimate VR..I'm talking entry level.  Cause as far as I am concerned...A lot of these VR devices, are not really, truly ready for prime time.  Almost every one feels physically, and program wise, unfinished to me.  If I had to creat an analogy for how I feel the VR industry is now...I'd describe it as buying a ticket for a luxury ocean liner, and its beautiful, but for the whole trip there's about a foot of cold water in every room and hallway.  That's the way I view this industry, right now.