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My quest doesn't work

Honored Guest

Two days ago my oculus quest wouldn't allow me to see my apps except settings and files in the menu page. When I go into oculus store to see if I can open my games and apps through there but when i click on one i own and bought it just says "oops, something went wrong. Please try again later." So I emailed oculus support and they told me to troubleshoot with an app called RouteThisHelps. After it did its scan it told me it was in the green so I power my vr on to see if it's fixed and it's not so I email oculus support and they tell me "they're currently getting a high volume of tickets and a support agent will come and assist you". So I woke up the next morning and i saw nothing came through my email inbox so I email them again but they tell me the same thing again. After that I started a new thread to see if I could get any more help but I did not. It just told me about troubleshooting tips and RouteThisHelps app again. What do I do? Please help me.