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My thoughts on the Oculus Quest 2 at the end of 2021

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So after having my Quest 2 since launch I have decided to give final thoughts on this VR Headset


I have been using the Quest 2 since it came out and comparing it with my Quest 1 lately. I have been using the Q2 until it dies and then switching to my fully charged Q1 while the other charges again. I’ve found going back to back like this was great to compare the two devices and really helped me come to a final conclusion.


I don’t feel anywhere near as immersed as I do when using my Quest 1. This is due to the IPD/FOV issue. It feels like I am looking through binoculars at a screen strapped to my face. 


I am still able to have so much fun playing games on my Quest 1 and the graphics are good enough. The immersion is much better due to the wider FOV and IPD options. I really feel like I’m transported to another world when using the Quest 1, and that’s not the case with Quest 2.


I have decided to stick with my Quest 1 and in the end regret purchasing the Quest 2. Overall just feel let down and like I wasted money. 


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i imagine that they will take the best from both and put them all in the next, a good investment


@RuthDow  WOW, for a person who's just joined this forum a few hours ago, it sort of reflects what I expect of many 'One-Post-Wonders', lol!


I have had a Rift cv1, Rift S, Go, Q1, and Q2.  My measured IPD is 69.0mm and I wear glasses (using glasses spacer with Q1 and Q2).  I feel my Q2 is overall an upgrade to all other Oculus headsets (better clarity and much lower SDE) and I do not notice any significant differences in FOV.  Especially after fine-tuning the head strap and facial interface.  I mainly am using my Q2 wireless with Air Link.  I thought I's miss the great cv1 and Q1 oled blacks but the Q2 does a great job with these imho. 


While I mainly use my Q2 for PCVR, I also occasionally use it for standalone mobile VR (including as a media player).  All mobile VR (and media viewing) is much better with my Q2.  I find it hard to believe that anyone would not find this to be the case compared to the Q1.


My Q2 is now my primary PCVR headset.  Using a 20000mahr external battery pack velcro strapped to my rear strap and a short 1.5ft battery cable I've never run out of battery runtime.  The external battery keeps my headset battery above 90% and I just top off my external battery once or twice a week.  The extra weight at the back also nicely balances the headset and takes a lot of weight off my face.


So, even if your views are sincere, they certainly do not reflect mine. 

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What do you expect with me on the forums?


When banned, there was a yellow Reject button, what for?


Why was I banned?





Ask to get the Quest 1 experience emulated to the Quest 2.


I would expect a Go and Quest 1 app on the Quest 2 store, or an Ad for a Go/Q1/Rift/PC in the Q2 Notifications, I just get ringed by uninstalled apps.


Cambria is coming, Arpara and Varjo are selling.


If I were you,


id Buy the newest PC/Laptop and Phone/Network, and try again.


Quest your Horizons!

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I didn't try an Oculus quest 1 but i mostly heard complains about the image quality so dunno 🤣


My experience is similar to Tom’s. I feel like the Quest 2 is a big upgrade compared to my Rift CV1 and Quest 1. My IPD is 72 mm, so I was worried that the Q2 would not accommodate me as well as the previous headsets, but it hasn’t been an issue at all. I added a VR Cover and an Elite strap to improve the comfort, and with that and the reduced weight compared to the Q1, this headset feels great to wear. The visuals are fantastic, to the point that I don’t feel like it’s really necessary to have higher resolution. The SDE is nonexistent, and the black levels look fine to me. Link and AirLink look great, especially with the PC res cranked all the way up. The controllers feel more robust than Q1, and are almost as good as the original CV1 ones. It’s clear that some small compromises were made to get the cost down, but I really think that the Quest 2 is a fantastic overall package, and the value compared to any other VR device is insane.

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Anything on my previous posts?


Oculus Support ended with Cambria.


Rift to Q2, whoever has the unlock ptc job, clock in.


Or send v36,


Or v36k,


Or blog my desk,


Or all of the above.


q2_v34, why tf does About have No Updates Available?

I've seen you post similar things in a few threads, but I'm not at all clear what you're asking for. Oculus Support ended with Cambria? I don't know what you're trying to say, Cambria is a future headset prototype.


If you're having trouble trying to join the PTC, make sure your phone app is updated as mentioned in the PTC announcement thread. If you still can't join, perhaps there are no more spots available right now.


There is no v36 yet, they've just rolled out v35 in the PTC.


Blog my desk??? I don't know what you're saying here.


If you're not seeing v34 available, try rebooting your headset. It should have rolled out to everyone as of last week. If you have v34, that's the current build, and the only way to get a further update is to join the PTC.

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PTC is full,


Im asking for a lot of things, mainly faster updates, replies.




What do you expect with me on the forums?


When banned, there was a yellow Reject button, what for?


Why was I banned?


q2_v34, No Updates Available

I don't see any moderation activity on this account, so I'm assuming you were banned on another account. When new accounts get banned, it's usually for either spamming or abuse. I assume if you see a Reject button instead of Post or Reply, it's because you can't post under a banned account. As far as expectations from forum users and avoiding getting banned, please review the Forum Rules.

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