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Myst: goes black if you walk too far?

Expert Protege

I play in a parking lot with a "room size guardian boundary" at maximum size square, I don’t know maybe it’s 25‘ x 25‘. When playing Myst, sometimes, within the guardian boundary, the screen just goes black as if I’m getting too far away from the game. The only thing I can see is the guardian boundary and a little white circle on the ground, sometimes if I walk back toward the little circle it comes back, but sometimes even if I go stand on the circle the screen is still black, so I turn around and go back the other way it comes back on. I don’t understand why it happens only in this one game, this does not happen in any other VR experience



I haven't experienced this myself when playing Myst, but it sounds like the game isn't coding to allow very lengthy free-roaming. It sounds like you are walking through the game world faster than it expected, so it no longer renders your position. 


You can experiment by walking to a point until it goes black. Then return to your original position and navigate to that point using only the Thumbstick. If it doesn't go black with the Thumbstick when traversing the same path, then there's clearly something going on with the games ability to track free movement. May be worth sharing with the Devs (Cyan).

Expert Trustee

First of all, I would recommend you stop playing in a parking lot. You're risking your Quest getting damaged by direct sunlight. But it sounds like the game has a defined play area. I know that Vader Immortal has similar issues of being a Roomscale game that requires you to stay in one spot.

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I play only during after the sun has gone behind the trees, ie: entirely in shadow, when there is no direct sun but there is still plenty of light. note it worked perfectly for the first day. no issues at all attempting to draw maximum size guardian boundary. now i can't get more than 1/2 way done drawing when it stops working. same thing indoors with full coverage lighting set to 100%, 50%, or 25% brightness.