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New Q2 - graphics issue

Level 2

Hi All. Received new Q2 and I'm new to VR. I'm experiencing wavy effect on almost everything in view (I believe it's called Ailising issue). It is as if all 3d objects has a pixelated wavy effect, including apps, games and the guardian grid. Also distant objects have a hazy effect and not clear. I'm experiencing this on home screen and in game. 


Any idea whether this is standard in VR on the Q2 or anyway to fix this? Or is my headset faulty?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Mits,


Could you take picture of how your headset looks when turned on? Not an in-game screenshot, but a picture of the view lenses and what you see.


Some pixelation and Aliasing can occur, but its usual for it to be a distinct problem. Post some pictures so we can see what's going on and get back to you.