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New to this level of VR. I have to say.. This is great!

I just wanted to say that I have purchased an Oculus Quest 2 from pre-order. Now keep in mind, in the past I have used VR goggles that you put your phone into and play or use different applications with. Sure, Google Cardboard was a fun novelty. But you can tell that it was just a make-shift VR system. Not a real immersion into another digital world. I then purchased the Lenova Star Wars AR/VR Game. That was a great experience and fun for something that just cost me $30 and got me an authentic Lightsaber Hilt. However, again, that was more AR and it still lacked in some ways.

The Quest 2 is the first device I decided to purchase as a dedicated VR system. What a difference a real VR system makes compared to one where you just insert your phone into it. I don't know anything about the original Quest system or it's other older relatives. But I have to say.. Well done with the Quest 2! I was blown away at how immersed you feel within this system. I expected that the experience would be better and different than Google Cardboard or Lenovo's headset, sure. But I did not imagine just to what level this device plays to. Holy smokes. It truly takes you into another world.

The first app I used was Tilt Brush. What an experience that was! I am not an artist. But the feel of this software was just magical and it was so easy to use and suddenly I became, not a great artist, but at the least a better artist then I was before because of this apps toolset. Then I purchased Vader Immortal Episode 1. I went right for the lightsaber training and I was hooked on that segment of the game alone. I tried some Quill experiences, especially one about getting over your fear of heights. The experience felt so real that I had to sit down and get my bearings while I try to get back to the virtual environment area. Then I tried First steps.. Last.. That was loads of fun. I can't describe how fun that was and how much of a work out I was able to get just messing around in there. The physics were just so awesome and playing around with objects as if they were right before you was amazing. At one point, the experience felt so real that I tried to lean on the table and fell over(Yeah, nothing is solid in there.. so be careful). 

I was also very surprised to see how quickly I took to the use of the controllers. I was never really much of a gamer. I mean, I play games, I love them. But I was never good at the shoot-em-up style of play. So I thought my experience would be hindered by the controllers. However, it was shockingly natural feeling and easy to manipulate. 

The picture quality was crisp and clear. Using any video player to watch a movie was incredible. I felt like I was in my own living room watching a big screen TV. Youtube VR, Netflix.. All great experiences. It's like I bought a 4K, 200 inch OLED display that moves to any room I want. I can't stress how cool that is. 

If I had to gripe about something, I guess one of those things would be that I would gripe about the lack of video services, which isn't Oculus fault necessarily. But Hulu, Disney Plus, DC Universe.. They need to get on board this VR train, particularly with Oculus Quest 2. I was also hoping to find a bigger library with some more popular themed games and apps such as Point and Click adventures, a 3D editor or even a voxel editor, DC Universe games, etc..

The only other two things I would gripe about are the battery life for one thing.. Which is pretty bad. I had to recharge 3 times to get about 2 and a half hours of game play. I guess getting a longer cord can solve that problem and play while it is plugged in. But I also wish I could just be free to move around and not tethered to an outlet. The last thing I would complain about is when you put the glasses spacer in, it just crushes your nose. The spacer also causes a bit of the real world to peak through ever so slightly at the bottom center of your world and that can take away from the over all experience. I would love to say that after a while you do not even feel it or notice it. Unfortunately that is not the case. I can live with it, for now. But I wonder if it will be something that eventually makes me say "OK, I need to put this in the closet because my nose needs a break". I almost would rather take the spacer out and wear it as is. It doesn't seem to make a difference for my glasses, to be honest, whether it is there or not. 

But all in all.. It is an incredible experience and I think everyone should experience something like this at some point in their lives. If you are on the line about purchasing the Quest 2 as your first VR experience, don't be! It does a great job at providing an incredible world for you to explore. Kudos goes to you: Oculus/Facebook!! I hope to see more great games and apps as well as experiences come to the Quest 2 along with super cool accessories in the near future!

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Its always good to hear the opinion of someone new to VR, thanks for posting 🙂

Nice write-up, it’s great to hear people’s positive first impressions. The Quest 2 is an amazing starting point—VR has come such a long way since the early developer kits (the DK2 was my first VR headset in 2014). 

I can recommend two accessories that might help with your gripes: a portable battery pack, and the VR Cover facial interface.

I bought an Anker PowerCore 10000PD power bank to use with my Quest 1. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and added hours of play time. (I haven’t tested it yet with Quest 2.)

The VR Cover kit includes pads in two different thicknesses that attach with Velcro. They’re quite comfortable, and don’t soak up sweat like the foam facial interface does. The thicker one would probably give you some extra space for your glasses, and the Velcro attachment allows you to adjust the position of the pad if you need a little more clearance at the sides to get your glasses in and out. I’ve bout their facial interfaces for my Rift, Quest, and now Quest 2. I consider them a must-have accessory, so it’s great to see them now officially partnered with Oculus. 

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and happy Questing!

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I'd also recommend getting some prescription lenses from the company who makes the VR Covers that nalex mentioned. I've been using them for years for every headset and have zero complaints - they are first class.

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I'm totally with you @JDiPerla81 - this is my first "real" VR device and I'm blown away. I was playing Superhot yesterday and I actually went to grab a virtual shelf to steady myself. Needless to say that was not helpful. Also, loving Beat Saber, though I wish there was more time in game to appreciate the environment and the awesome slices I'm making.

Yeah, I played Vader Immortal yesterday and completed Episode 1. Whenever I walk over the edges of Mustafar, I was literally shaking. It was just so real feeling. Even Vader.. standing right up to you... The movies dont give him justice as to how intimidating he really is standing over you.