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No Good RPGS??

Level 3
Ok I have been itching for a really great immersive  RPG VR experience.  So far I have been greatly disappointed. Dont get me wrong, I love my oculus quest. I love Arizona sunshine, finished all of the Vader immortal series,my only complaint over that series is its way way too short!! supposedly skyrim is in VR but apparently not for the quest? Can anyone correct me as to great RPG games like skyrim or something like that for the Oculus Quest? I will fully admit I have not even had my headset for a month yet and am still figuring out games. I could really use some advice....


Level 11
First of all, expecting Skyrim to be natively on the Quest might be a pie in the sky pipe dream. Quest apps are between 500 megs and 2 gigabytes. Skyrim on the other hand is what, a 60 gig installation? The Quest just doesn't have the power and storage for such big budget Action RPGs. Which isn't to say there are no RPGs. There are, but I'd dispute Elven Assassin being an RPG. That said, there is Oculus Link to let you play your PCVR rpgs using the Quest. There's also a few options for streaming your desktop to the Quest, which can at the very least let you play your Steam library of games without being tethered. This opens up a good many more options. One that I'm keeping an eye on is Ilysia.
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Level 3
Thanks Pixie40, I kind of figured out that after this. but honestly with the really miniature drives I think M2? surely oculus can like install a teribyte drive on them?  Good to hear you say that about Elven Assassin, I was considering getting it but honestly sounds like its not worth it. I played vader imortal and that seemed to be a great game. but a little too short for my liking. I wish the technology would just get to the Ready Player One equivalent. Oh well