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No comments and views being seen in the box when streaming to Facebook

Level 3

I have just recently experimenting with streaming function to Facebook with my Oculus Quest 2. It works really well and I don't mind the low resolution.

However, there is one bug which is really annoying. I cannot see the current comments and views count in the box when streaming. It is really a pity because that's the main reason why I find the streaming functionality superior when compared to other more complicated methods. 


Can somebody tell my why it is not working? Is there any prerequisite setting which I need to turn on either on Oculus headset or in my Facebook account? Am I really the only one having this issue? There must be some fix to this problem...


Level 3

Same problem here exactly. Support says it is probably a glitch in Facebook and not a headset problem. I’ve done everything they have asked, opening up oculus and Facebook settings, factory reset the device, removing and reinstalling apps but to no avail. 

Level 2

Same issue i am having.. Also for me at least, it isn't picking up my microphone... And yes its all turned on..