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Not connected to a wifi

Level 2



I'm using oculus cv1 and a brand new gaming laptop with 3060 and ryzen under hood. Had multitude of problems with oculus link so i have decided to opt for virtual desktop.


Laptop connected to a router using cat8 cable and oculus connected to the same router.


Virtual desktop shows at the top 

Not connected to wifi 2.4Ghz 138Mbps IP Streaming performace will be degraded.


I have set up and connected my headset to my laptop using VD and everything seemed fine until I have launched any game over it ... Have been experiencing horrible lag and stutter 😪


I have pings between laptop and headset of 1ms and under with occasional spikes of 3~5ms 

The performance graph of steam vr never goes over 7 out of 13.9.


Any ideas what is causing this ?


Thank you,