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Not really... "share ALL of your apps from the Oculus store with other people on this device".

Level 2


I'm a newbie here and have been really impressed with the Oculus 2 Quest, to the point of debating getting a second one for local multiplayer sessions with my daughter.  However, things are not as simple as the Oculus interface would like to make out.  When it says "share ALL of your apps from the Oculus store with other people on this device" under Experimental Features, then you would expect that ALL apps would indeed be available to the other person, however...

> Beat Saber does NOT show at all... so no WAN VR Party then.
> Vader Immortal Episode One does show, but does not start... the 3 white dots appear and stay in front of my eyes for a very long time while nothing happens?!

So, after doing some research it seems that Beat Saber has just not opted in to app sharing (so much for ALL apps).  If I want to play a session against my daughter we thus both need to buy this... ouch!  So, this I understand is not a technical but rather financial matter.

Vader Immortal however seems to suffer from a technical glitch.  The app is shown under my daughter's apps but it just won't open... her screen goes black, the three white dots appear and nothing else... like nothing.  You have to go back to the home menu.

So currently this app sharing indeed happens on one device, I have bought Beat Saber and Vader Immortal, Episode One and wanted to share these with my daughter on the same device.
This was with a view on testing how smoothly the app sharing was working before potentially getting a second device.

1) Is anyone aware if Beat Saber might eventually become shareable?
2) Has anyone else experienced this issue with Vader Immortal?  And, any fixes suggested?

Many thanks in advance
Kind regards all and have a great weekend



Level 2

Right, well I figured out that Vader Immortal stopped working under both accounts 🙄

So, I already had to uninstall and reinstall the game, while in the process losing my save games and Lightsaber Dojo achievements.  Aaah, the joys of Oculus Quest 2 all in one afternoon/evening 😕

Any tips on how not to lose the progress within a game when you are forced to uninstall and reinstall?  Not being funny but we only had the device for 5 days and Vader for 3 or 4 days... having to uninstall already feels a bit like we're all beta testers.

Any tips are welcome 🙂