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Oculas Quest first Generation

Honored Guest

I'm shocked and disappointed that after only 3 years the original Oculas Quest is as useful as a brick. New games are not compatible and you now need to upgrade to the Quest 2.

META does not have a trade in policy for the old device and how do we recycle it?

I refuse to purchase a new device as the sales strategy is flawed and purchasing a new device year on year is shocking.

Xbox and PlayStation consoles have at minimum 3/4 years per release of new models. Meta seem to think 1/2 years is acceptable. 


I take it you have discovered that a small number of games are now Quest 2 exclusives, but claiming that makes the Quest 1 useless seems a bit over the top.

Please enlighten me further. The majority of new releases are not compatible. So I only assume this goes forward like this.

I don't play a wide range of games so I'm not up-to-date with the full list of Quest 2 exclusives. I know RE4 is and I believe the new GTA game will be as well. I expect there are and will be others.


However, do you expect all developers to limit the scope of their games to fit within the more limited performance envelope of the Q1? It's got significantly less processing power than the Q2 so "universal" games will inevitably either be less adventurous or come in two separate versions, with Q1 owners complaining that theirs is worse. Look at how Cyberpunk 2077 did on PS4 and XBox One. Plus, the number of Q1s out there is eclipsed by the number of Q2s so why would any developer spend time and resources dumbing their game down for a comparatively tiny user base?


There are still a great many excellent games (including new ones) out there that do work on Q1. Maybe you've played them all and have therefore invested a lot of money into them but if you have, perhaps you could invest in the newer headset instead. Sell your Q1 on ebay (they are worth a good amount if the controllers work) to offset maybe 50% of the cost.