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Oculus Browser Bluetooth Mouse right click

Level 4

Is there a right click function within the Oculus Browser (or any other Virtual Desktop like app) that you can do with either the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard OR any other bluetooth mouse?


I have tried working in the Oculus browser using Canva but I couldn't get my BT Microsoft mouse to "right click" for the contextual menu. 😞 I'm worried that this is the same for the Logitech K830. 


Level 9

I think Oculus browser could be based on Android browser and Android has no right clicks at all.

Android supports long-tap in some apps, but do not know is it the same as "long-press-click"


Is it possible to set Firefox VR browser? Or may be there some other browsers? (There were one on Oculus Go with keyboard support).


I figured out the right-click does work but you have to click and hold for it to happen. Hold longer than you think. I’m not sure about a BT mouse or K830 mouse right-click button?


as for the browser. Firefox does have one, but is based on another 3rd party browser built for VR.


I haven’t tried the right click yet with my BT mouse. Good idea!