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Oculus Feature Request

Level 2

I have many friends and family that are now getting into VR. And Because, Covid, Using VR is now more viable. However, Many of my Friends and family are Not Full time Gamers, they want the Social connectivity, but don't know how to do alot of things. I am constantly getting asked to help them out. Sometime, people just need to be able to See whats going on, instead of hearing.


Please Provide a Remote Support Solution for Helping Friends and Family with Technical Problems in VR.


I would really like to be able to Join the VR Session, have them be able to see a set of Virtual Controllers that Ghost in front of them along side their Controllers, from Their Point of View. This way I can see what they are looking at, and I can provide Point-Click Guidance on how to Do things.


Call it "Ethereal Support Mode".