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Oculus Link 16 foot Cable

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I bought that $79 Oculus Link Cable 16 foot one.  After two weeks it stopped working.  I contacted customer support and long story short, they didn't help fix or replace the $79 cable.  So now I'm left with a useless 16 foot cable that is nothing but a 16 foot broken cable.  Customer support is absolutist no help.  No phone number, just an email for customer service 



If you bent it too much that might be the problem but if so then it's your fault so they won't refund it

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I had the same problem the Oculus official link cable stopped working and my cable was replaced but it took close to 15 emails. If the cable stopped working it's warranted but it a lot of work with Customer Service just open another ticket and tell them it stopped working also to be sure your in the right I would order a cheap 3rd party link cable and test the quest with the new cable to make sure the cable is the problem and if the cable is the problem state that in the ticket you tested it with another cable and it worked fine.

Just test link with your included charge cable.  This will not give great performance (usb2) but it should help identify if your official link cable is the problem or not.


Also may depend on your pc’s port and/or if you are using a type c to type a adapter.  Of course also that your pc meets recommended Link requirements.


I’m sure that if you supply Oculus support a full and proper description of your problem and answer their requests politely that you will get a proper fix.  Good luck mate.

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