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Oculus Link IN GAME hitch then drops to very framey gameplay

Honored Guest

So, i've had this problem recently with oculus link. In the Link menu where it shows your library and all that, the refresh rate seems perfectly fine. When i start to play a game, however, it will hitch after 1-2 minutes of gameplay then the refresh rate will drop down to, what seems like, lower 40s and stay there until i return to the Link Menu and then back into my game play, just for the same thing to happen over and over again. There is only one instance when the game will hitch throughout the entire process of going back to the Link Menu and actually playing the game. Any ideas or help?



i dont know if this information will help, but i also recently updated my pc to windows 11


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey xxlonwolfxx12, thanks for reaching out! We understand that a drop in refresh rate can be a real downer on the gaming experience, especially with the exciting release of Windows 11. At this time, however, the Oculus PC app does not officially support Windows 11. Rest assured, our team of engineers have prioritized working on an update for the Oculus app to fully support Windows 11 in the near future. For the optimal PCVR performance, we recommend rolling back to your most recent version of Windows 10 and keep checking our Community forums for updates on Windows 11 support. Cheers!

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