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Oculus Link Quest 2 - Non stop problems

Level 3
Hi guys :smile:

As much as I love using my Quest 2 as a standalone unit I bought it to play PCVR without the need for sensors.

I have yet to use the headset and get to a PCVR game first time. Not once has it worked without issue. The issues I'm having are;

- Microphone rarely works
- Random black screen when enabling Link that takes multiple restarts of PC and headset to fix
- Randomly telling me Steam is an Unknown source even though unknown sources is enabled
- Link randomly disconnecting whilst in game for a while
- If you take quest 2 off your head for a minute or so to say have a drink, headset will not wake without crashing
- If you lose connection and try and reconnect I get a flashing white screen and again have to restart PC and headset

The only non Link related issue I have is an extremely small sweet spot on the lenses, all text has a small blur to the edges

If anyone can help without the usual basic troubleshooting tips that would be awesome!

Using recommended Anker 3m cable into a USB 3.1 slot.

AMD 3600
Radeon 5700XT
32gb Ram

Many thanks


Level 3
Uninstall Radeon/Nvidia software and reboot PC a couple of times so that windows installs the graphics driver, also in Device manager set all usb devices power management to off

Level 2
Roll your amd drivers back to 10.9.1 Worked for me