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Oculus Link and Blade & Sorcery

Level 2

I want to start off by saying I have gotten 2 Quest 2 headsets in the past 2 weeks and they have been an absolute nightmare. First one never even got set up, just a black screen all the time. Now, I ordered a second that works and I have a problem to research with every thing I try with it. Right now, I am trying to play Blade & Sorcery with the link cable. As soon as I launch the game my headset exits link mode and takes me back to my Quest Home. I can see it loading on my pc screen and if I wait it pops back up in my headset asking me to enable link. When I do I just get constantly flickering white/gray void. On my monitor I can see the game and it tracks my head and hand movements. I have restarted my Q2 and my pc, the apps, disabled and renabled Link, swapped usb ports. Idk what else to do. I am about ready to send both back.