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Oculus Link is crashing constantly

Level 2
I use Oculus Link on my Quest since July of 2020 with the Anker cable of 3 meters. It worked fine up to here, but now, Oculus Link is crashing instantly when I want to use it. After many attempts, many uninstallations and reinstallations the Oculus PC app, after trying other cables and even another headset, I looked at the crash reports of the Oculus App. The crash report is this :

VEN 0x1002
DEV 0x67df "Radeon RX 580 Series"
Shutdown: requestExit: 0
Shutdown: End of Supplemental Error Log.

I don't understand the meaning of this crash report so I looking for someone who can help me to decode it.

Thanks you in advance for your replies.
PS : Sorry for my bad English.