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Oculus Party Voice Chat Priority [Feature Request]

Level 2
Please incorporate a voice chat priority option to allow us to continue talking to our friends in the Oculus Party chat when we've launched a game.

For example: We're all in Oculus Party chat and can hear each other fine. I launch a game and get a room code to give my friends but they can no longer hear me because the game has taken over the microphone exclusively. I then have to call or text my friends the code from my cell phone, requiring all of us to temporarily leave the headset.

If there was an option in the Oculus Party group to prioritize Party chat, I could temporarily re-enable my microphone to provide the room code to my friends.

This feature would also have the side effect of fixing all of the in-game microphone bugs we experience across multiple apps and allow for a safe space for us to all communicate without having to deal with public rooms of children screaming at each other.

Please consider incorporating this feature into the Oculus Party Chat, Facebook!

Level 2
this!  So messed up that party feature isn't persistent and something that wants you to play together makes it so difficult to achieve!

Level 2

Yes! exacly this... it's beyond annoying that i have to write room codes to my friends, just to be able to hear them again. I could imagine a feature that gives you the option to just hold a button to instantly speak to your friends in private if you are in a game with other people. It would be a purely quality of life update... and it's very much needed in my opinion.