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Oculus Quest 2 Feedback

Level 3



I would like to give some feeback about my Oculus Quest 2. Everybody know the product is great. I also really like it, interface is great, updates are great, I have no issue to connect it to my PC.

BUT I have one issue that may only be fixed by engeneers. I like to play outside. I have a rooftop with huge space and this is the best place to use my Oculus Quest 2... when possible. This is crazy but during the day, because of day light I cannot use my Oculus. My heaset tracking system is fully working but the system cannot properly see my controllers. During the night I only need to turn on a few light and the system is working perfectly. The system work better in dark than in light. 

Oculus must just imporve the controller tracking in day light an dbright light.


Level 7

It's not a good idea to use the headset outdoors.  I believe oculus specifically says not to; the way the lenses are focused you can burn out parts of your screen.  Think about using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight except it's the lenses and the target is your screen.


That said there are probably too many shiny things outdoors that the tracking system confuses for the controllers.  It seems to be confused that way fairly easily by things like christmas lights and led strips so I imagine the sun reflecting off of surfaces will do the same thing.

Quest 1, i5-8600K at 4.7 GHz, eVGA 1080 ti FTW3, Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming, 16 GB 3200 MHz