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Oculus Quest 2 Link/USB 3 Identification Issue

Level 2

Hey guys,


I have come to this forum before and you all helped me so I am not sure i am in the right place but worth a shot.


Ok so my problem here is my quest 2 when I connect it to link in the oculus app says it is usb 2 (as shown below)


However this should not be happening as I have 4 usb 3 "SS" labeled ports on my MOBO and everything is up to date and usb 3 compatable.


The cable I have is a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Cable (5m length) and it is infact usb 3 however here is the weird thing......



When I connect the quest to the pc, it is shown in USB Device Viewer (from the windows SDK) as a USB 2.0 port (as shown below)


But when i use the exact same port and cable with my Huawei p20 phone, it shows the phone as connected under 1. a new port (even though it is plugged into the same USB port), and 2. connected with USB 3 (photo shown below)


Something freaky software-wise is going on here and I dont quite know what it is but if you guys could help me out I would appreciate it dearly.


Thanks so much for your time,



Level 5
i'm guessing the main concern is your quest 2 isn't charging as you're using it, so eventually runs out of power?  usb3 would deliver enough power, while usb2 doesn't.  else why worry?  from what i understand, the bandwidth used by pretty much anything over link is well or just under what usb2 offers, so having it run at usb3 isn't needed for bandwidth.  just changing.

when i got my cable, i noted the long history of discussions on cables and the quest being fussy.  i went with the anker cable which had a good rep for just working.  only 3m, but thus far not had any issues with it.  the anker one is really thick compared to other cables.  5-6mm, so thickness of a pen/pencil sort of size.

my guess would be at 5m, there is too much resistance in the cable and the quest 2 is thinking its a usb2 one.  where as the phone maybe has a different driver chip which is more forgiving of the resistance.

Level 2
Thats not the case..... I have another USB C cable which is a data one, I plugged it into my quest 2 and my pc and got the exact same result and this cable is high quality and under 1m so defo not a resistance problem:

Level 2

I have the same issue with a DIFFERENT more reputable cable.

Oculus sort your shitty firmware out

Level 4
I recommend using the 'Oculus Log Gather' to report issues encountered with the device.
I only found about this included tool a few days ago while I have encountered issues. I am am going to assume that this will reach the relevant QA & Development teams for investigation and resolution far faster than our posts on here. 

You'll find the relevant here (your installation path may vary if not the default install)
Located: "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe"

Once run, set the Collection date period, and check the full logs and auto submit check-boxes, and finally complete the field explaining your issue.

I'm hoping that the more reports that are received in this manner is noticed and any priorities are changed to resolve any identified issues.

Level 2
I am having the same issue with my original Quest.  Going to try on a different PC.