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Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Link - not work!

Level 2

I uninstalled Windows 11 to play desktop games again. But it turned out that Link was broken here too! Why, to try to connect a Link, do you force the user to pull the yusb cable? Where is the button in the system? Why are you asking for Allow the connection, because the user inserted the cable with his own hands? And, most importantly, why when I press, while wearing a helmet, "allow" - the device turns off (the sound of switching off the USB) and again the Quest operating system. Again I have to physically disconnect the cable to try to connect to the computer and again nothing works. Reptile user interface ...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there IvanWhite! We want to help iron out your Oculus Link issues so you can enjoy PC VR. Can you tell us more about the issues you're having, we'd be happy to help! Also, if you prefer, you can send us a PM or click HERE to contact us by email or chat. Thanks!

Level 4

Yes, this is a real problem and no response from Oculus about a fix yet. My Quest 2 is now not fit for purpose.
I need windows 11 for work purposes, but none of the suggested 'fixes' has resolved the issue - on both my laptop and my desktop PC. Worked fine under Windows 10, but not Windows 11. Going back to Windows 10 did not fix the issue either.