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Oculus Quest 2 crashes computer on games startup

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HI, I am looking for help in resolving an issue with Quest 2 

I have a Anker link cable and running Intel I7 processor with 16GB Ram and an Radeon RX570 Armour 8G graphics card.  When I plug in to USB 3 the Quest works fine with no issues.  When I run a programme like Aircars or flight simulator through Quest my computer just reboots.

I am looking for any help that would guide me in the right direction.  I dont mind purchasing a better graphics card of it solves the issue but Oculus states this card should work.  Both Oculus and drivers were updated 3 days ago together with teh Oculus App but it is tsill crashing.

I believe I have the correct computer specifications but so far cannot experience the Quest 2 in ways I would enjoy more.

Any help at all much appreciated