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Oculus Quest 2 freezes on startup V33

Level 4

My quest updated to V33 and oculus link looks good but in the quest home menu it lags when i exit link and for how fast the battery drains i power my quest off when i'm not using it and 20% of the time when i power up my quest 2 it will freeze on a black screen the oculus logo will appear for seconds and disappear no startup chime i have to hold down the power button for it to continue if i don't it stays there until the battery goes dead i have reset the quest 2 and god i thought i was never getting passed the setup it freezes throw out the setup i was about to say forget it and save up for a valve index. my quest 2 is my main pc vr headset and when i get into link no problems but when i exit link all hell breaks loose games lag the menus lags and rebooting it helps untill ether i play the quest version of beat saber or use link again i wonder am i the only one having this issue this didn't start happening until after i updated my quest 2 to v33


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there AnimeKing18, thanks for reaching out to us about this! Your quest shouldn't be freezing on startup, the v33 software may not have installed correctly or has somehow been corrupted. We don't like to suggest a factory reset as a first step, as losing all save data is never a happy experience. Performing a factory reset will remove all data from the device and restore it to its factory settings, ensuring that all software is able to be installed properly and the headset is able to boot correctly. If performing a factory reset does not work for you, please submit a support ticket with us here so that we can look into this further for you.