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Oculus Quest 2 sound cutting in and out when controller not visible

Level 3

So, I've had a Quest 2 for a short while (about 2 months), and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. The only hiccup isn't so much a real problem as much as it is an annoyance and I'm wondering if anyone could help.

Basically, whenever my headset can't see one of my controllers, the audio begins to cut in and out very annoyingly. This happens for something such as reaching over the shoulder like to a back slot, or if I let my arm go too slack and it loses sight of a control that way or if I'm going for a hip slot, etc. It happens both in standalone and in PCVR via Steam, though seems worse in PCVR.


I can partially avoid it by watching my hand while doing an over-the-shoulder or to-the-hip movement, but obviously that's an annoying thing to have to do especially while actively playing a game such as Blade and Sorcery, Pavlov, etc. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this issue and a possible fix? It doesn't seem to happen in any videos I've watched of people playing with a Quest 2, and I can't find any information googling on it either.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, this is totally what we don't like to hear. If you are experiencing any problem with your audio please do the following: 

  • Reboot the headset
  • Ensure the volume is not set too high
  • Test with multiple games/apps
  • Try with headphones​​​​​​   

If after trying this your audio is still malfunctioning please go ahead and get in contact with Oculus support system. 

Level 3

After experimentation I've been able to circumvent the issue by having messing with the audio bitrate on the Quest 2 and then having it pipe my PC audio through the headset speakers. It's still quite annoying as it means I can't use my nice wireless headphones that have media controls built in, but it at least fixes the audio cutting in and out when the controllers aren't visible. If anyone has any further fixes, I would greatly appreciate it, but for the moment I can make due with this.