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Oculus Quest 2 won't display the games I am playing

Level 2
Hey there, I recently bought the Quest 2 and eagerly connected it to my pc but to my dismay when connected to a suitable cable it won't load any game from my pc. I have a suitable USB C cable that can transfer the information, I have the Oculus app installed on my pc, I have installed and reinstalled my Steam VR. I have installed and reinstalled and tested two games being Boneworks and Blades and Sorcery on Steam the furthest I have gotten was the Quest 2 outputting audio and the PC displaying the visuals and reacting to the headset moving. Afterwards, I went through with factory resetting it and that didn't change anything now it only displays the headset in the Oculus Devices and not the controllers and doesn't even leave the Facebook environment when "opt into link is enabled", there is no computer icon displayed as it only is displayed in the settings and it does nothing. I've reset my pc and devices multiple times I've lost count and all the information online is simply telling me to reset my devices and I'm going slighting insane from it!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Level 13
Can your computer support link?

If yes, I will respond. If you lie I will never help you ever again. If not delete this thread and get a computer that meets the link requirements.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @Keyboard_Killer If you system meets the system requirements here, please create a support ticket with us here  and include the logs files from your computer when the Quest 2 is connected. Thanks! - Clint