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Oculus Quest Airlink won't connect - we can't find your headset

Honored Guest

So I've just picked up an oculus and was looking forward to streaming on my laptop.


The Oculus headset recognises my laptop, the oculus app on my laptop recognises and connects to the headset, showing battery power and even being able to output laptop sound through my oculus.


However, when I press launch to connect the airlink I get the 3 dots and an error pops up on my laptop saying: 


"Hardware error - we can't find your headset please connect your headset"


Then about 10 seconds later it drops me back to the standard oculus home environment. 


Laptop is a Legion 5

AMD 5800H

Nvidia GTX 3070


Both on same wifi network with a 5ghz connection


Drivers are all up to date. 


Tried prioritising the GPU in Nvidia control panel.


Any ideas?