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Oculus Quest Link Mic sounds like buzzing/beatboxing

Level 2
I think I have had this problem since an update 5 days ago or so. My mic is clearly working and picking up my voice but to everyone online it sounds like I'm "beatboxing" It is like rift mic but not robotic sounding and cuts in and out like crazy. My mic works just fine when I'm not using Link in fact, I can start a party from my quest home and my friends can hear me fine then move over to a rift game and it still works, however if I start a party from the rift home it doesn't work and "beatboxes". Same goes for any online game from Rift. I assume this to be a software issue of some sort as it obviously works without Link. Some may mistake my issue for the common buzzing sound of "Quest mic" but this is a different case. Any help would be appreciated if there is a solution.