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Oculus Silicon Cover ... Without a Telephone

Level 3

Got one of these in the email:


There was an issue with the phone number associated with your Quest 2 Silicone Cover order #128516976099652We are unable to complete your order until your phone number is updated.


In light of the safety recall, how do I get an Oculus Quest 2 silicone cover if I do not have a telephone number? Is there really any true reason not to ship to a mailing address when it doesn't have a phone number associated with it? This is the mail we're talking about, not phone lines or cell towers.


Level 15

Just another poor little troll, lol!

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Just buy one then. Save all the hassle. Its normally one of the first accessories most buy anyway.

£2:99 is the cheapest on Amazon. Cheaper than a phone or shipping costs 🙂